Ar. Tanzim Hasan Salim

Kala Kendra, an art gallery run by artists, has organised solo art exhibition titled ‘Drawing and Thinking, Thinking and Drawing – 2’ by Architect Tanzim Hasan Salim.

The exhibiton is hosted online @Artitude – and on Facebook Page

The exhibition is scheduled to be inaugurated by Professor Shamsul Wares, Architect  and Architect Mustapha Khalid Palash.Kala Kendra and the exhibition is curated by Wakilur Rahman.

The exhibition opened on 21st April at 6:30 pm and will continue till 15th May 2018, everyday from 5-8 pm at the gallery.


                                                                 Architect Tanzim Hasan Salim


Artist Statement

Intentions regarding my studies are concentrated towards subliming the process of architectural designing, understanding how architecture is modulated by its constituting elements as space, structure, movement, happenings & how these elements interact with each other in order to manifest. From personal to collaborative efforts-the work produced is a derivative of our intent &intuitions. The transformation from mental constructs to reality is a complex process which may or may not be entirely described by architecture solely. Nevertheless, initiating architecture as a field of knowledge subscribes to other forms of art as painting, cinema, sculpture etc.-to be a vibrant field of mutual interactions. architecture has to intelligently manipulate space & territory in order to face challenges of our modern respond to our immediate context will in return positively enhance the construction method & architectural designing in terms of new conceptual, geometric, structural & spatial conditions bridging representation & construction. The complexity of the city can work as a laboratory for developing ideas & manifestations in a curious way we may not be able to ignore. Inter-disciplinary interaction is likely to enhance architecture to be agile enough to respond to infrastructural needs- both aesthetic & contextual.

Architecture is constantly being reinvented, not only by the forces intrinsic to individual or group endeavors but also by site, budget, climate, politics, technology, culture etc.

Such forces interact upon the expression of architecture & its culmination to reality, yet it is those very forces that shape architecture-get retroactively modified in course of time towards a higher degree of iteration – making our cities & their architecture all together a vibrant & responsive continuum.

The limits of architecture as one may perceive is not so about a legacy of idiosyncrasies and styles, rather it may be better disseminated as the materialization of thoughts through a complex process where the interplay of context & intuition coerced to be manifested.


Artist’s Biography

Architect Tanzim Hasan Salim graduated from the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in 2001 as bachelor of architecture (B.Arch.)

After graduating he started working in an interior design school as instructor of design for couple of years. Then in March, 2003 held a group exhibition “exquisite corpse” in drik gallery Dhaka, which featured collages, paintings & architectural projects. The same year he went to Bauhaus Dessau in Germany under the University of Anhalt to do his M.Arch. But he quit the course & decided to travel through Europe to visit important projects in France, Spain& the Netherlands as well as various projects within Germany. in 2004 he established his architectural practice in Dhaka and after working locally for couple of years went overseas as architect for AEC consultants in Abu Dhabi from 2008-2009. During working there he won the competition for liberation War Museum, Bangladesh and leaved again for Dhaka. He established DWG (design works group) and is a partner architect of the firm. During working in Bangladesh& overseas he participated in various competitions as mentioned below-

“-Institute of Architects BangladeshBuilding at Agargaon, Dhaka. 2007”

“Liberation War Museum, Bangladesh, 2009” 1st prize

“Nishorgo, 2006”visitors interpretation center at Lawachara, Shylhet.

“Bangla Academy complex, 2005”, Dhaka University.

“Situate-sculpture competition, 2009” for forest place perth,Australia

“Cyclone shelter prototype, 2009”-IDB-international competition.

“Think outside the parking box”-design boom &NISSAN.1stprize(2009)(



“Sonali Bank Zonal Office Prototype”-1st prize(2004).(in assoc. With vortex)

”East West University Campus”, 2005-2nd prize. (in assoc. with nagar design & developments ltd.).

Other than competitions he has built couple of residential projects & high rise apartment buildings in Dhaka.inspired by the aesthetics of machine & contextual understandings he has tried to explore the beauty & expression of machines or mechanical assemblies since his studio years, as was represented by the B.Arch thesis project MULTI-MODAL TRANSPORTATION EXCHANGE TERMINAL at Gabtoli, Dhaka & the seminar work “MACHINE”-it’s morphological and functional  implications in architecture”. His practice tends to incorporate contemporary thoughts & functional aesthetics towards a rational yet visually & spatially exciting approach to form a total architectonic experience that is contextual & progressive.

Partner, DWG.

Practicing Architect