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Sameena M. Karim graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts of Chittagong University in 1994. She has participated in more than ten exhibitions both group and solo at home and abroad. She has been running an art gallery named ‘Mrinmoy Art Gallery’ since 1998. She conducts courses on Graphic Arts and Sculpture in different universities in Chittagong such as CUET and Premier University. She has received many awards from different institutions as recognition for her works.

Sameena’s recent art exhibitions were 17th Asian Art Biennale 2016, Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka; Birla Academy, 2017, Kolkata; and National Sculpture Exhibition 2018, Shilpokola Academy, Dhaka.

Sameena M. Karim has also worked in the different national and international organizations as an executive and interior designer from 2005 to 2011. She is currently holding the post of Director of Emkay Enterprise and the General Secretary of Chittagong Sculpture Centre.

ReCent Sculptures

We Two

We Two

You and I Have so much love that it burns like fire in which we bake a lump of clay, molded into a figure of you  and a figure of me. Then we take both of them and break them into pieces, mix the pieces with water, and mold again in a figure of you and a figure of me. I am in your clay and you are in my clay, in life we share a single quilt, in death we will share one coffin.


I have made human form and glued down something very amorphous. I indented so, as every art is an essence, is a mystery, and ambiguity. Here desire fulfilled in terms of its impact. In this work my colour scheme has its expression as a painting in tableaux-red, showing bloodshed, representing our uncertain times, where on the other figure in blue, presents pain comforting or supporting the other, yet may seem helpless.

Mother In Her Austere Space
Mother In Her Austere Space

The natural texture that evolved on the fold of her feet and base has made the sculpture more convincible, the simplicity of the mother’s lonely space; as if she in her rural setting, perhaps, giving a wonderful feel to it.




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