Jamal Ahmed

Chronicles In Charcoal

Jamal Ahmed

Eminent artist and professor of fine arts Jamal Ahmed is recognized for his intrepid approach to art and he crosses great length stode scribe his topics. His prime concerns have been transparent beauty of nature,people’s ecstasy, bliss,longing,pain and yearning.

At his current exposition at Gelleri Kaya titled ‘Chronicles in Charcoal’, Jamal has successfully projected nubile women in all their voluptuous beauty, gypsy women, banks of Buriganga River with semi-urban sights and more. Pigeons and horses are also prominent in some of his works. The painter also rose to prominence for limning different types of horses.The current exhibition is quiteunique because Jamal has chiefly worked with charcoal medium and sometimes soft pastelon paper and canvas.

‘Chronicles in Charcoal’ by Jamal Ahmed opens Saturday, 10 November 2018 at 5:30 PM at Galleri Kaya in Uttara. Professor Emeritus Dr. Anisuzzaman has kindly consented to  inaugurate the exhibition, while Mr. Anis A. Khan, Managing Director & CEO, Mutual Trust Bank Limited, graces the inaugural ceremony.

The exhibition will be open for all from 11th to 24th November 2018 from 11 AM to 7:30 PM daily at the gallery premises.

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