Masuda Kazi

‘Art in Jewelry’, designer jewelry exhibition by Masuda Kazi opens on February 23, 2018 with one hundred of her beloved pieces on display.

The exhibition will continue till 25th February at Galleri Kaya and is hosted online @Artitude on its official Facebook page and on its website: ‘Art in Jewellery’ is sponsored by ADN Group.

Jewelry has been the must have accessory in every fashion forward individual’s wardrobe. These are not just limited to precious metals and stones or eye-catching beads set in intricate designs.

Jewelry makers around the world are stretching their imagination to new heights and dimensions to find their own style.

It should be of no surprise that jewelry making is itself an art that has its own space. An artist with an eye for material, Masuda Kazi is exploring this field with her unique outlook to what makes a standout accessory.

Jewelry making is storytelling, and that is the path Kazi explores with her creations. Comprising of statement necklaces and ear rings that range from crashing bold styles to demure minimalistic pendants, every one of her creations has a tale of its own.

Kazi prefers polymer clay as her medium. She explains that every time she works with it, there is no telling what will come out! When she is mixing the colors red, white and blue, she lets herself free with the mix and catches the right pattern that will be perfect as a necklace and earrings. For one of her bold black pieces, she explains with delight, that it is worked in such a fantastic manner with the added clear polish and the glitter accents. Her favourite motifs include fish, owl, lotus leaves and flowers, but she does not limit herself to these. Her papier-mâché shells with pearls or matching chains easily creates a seaside vibe that one can wear anywhere! Her work is bold and at the same time draws the futuristic wearer in its own way.

Her drawing skills also gain their own spotlight in her pendants as detailed peacocks or on small rocks as tiny flowers. Mixing agate and geode placed on metal holders, she has created necklaces for a sophisticated look with ceramic, wooden and lava rock beads.

Living in the USA, Masuda Kazi work has been much easier as the variety of material available there is simply staggering. From the most simple jewelry findings (jewelry findings refer to everything from clasps and hooks to metal connectors specifically meant to support a piece without ruining its aesthetic appeal) to specially made earring hooks to suit her needs, Masuda Kazi is easily able to make her visions into reality.

As an artist, Kazi has had her fair share of exhibitions, but scaling up to an exhibition of her handmade jewelry is a different plane.

The exhibition will remain open from 11 am to 7:30 pm everyday at the gallery at House #20, Road #16, Sector #4, Uttara, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh.

Courtesy: The Daily Star

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