Nazlee Laila Mansur

Nazlee’s palette is rooted in the present. Her brush paints the world around us. The central characters of her canvas are vivid. This is how Nazlee’s brush “tells” stories. The characters in her canvas are people who through the stillness of their gaze, their leering glances, or the careful avoidance of eye contact, represent society’s inequities, oppression, rootlessness and perhaps, dreams and longings. Nazlee’s colours are vivid, saturated and penetrating, but sometimes monochrome and grey.

Nazlee Laila Mansur completed her M.A. in Fine Arts at the University Of Chittagong, Bangladesh. She has four solo art exhibitions to her credit. Nazlee has also participated in important exhibitions of Bangladeshi artists in Russia, China, Jordan, Nepal, India, UAE (Sharjah), France, Denmark and in the Asian Art Biennials, National Art Exhibitions and all other national exhibitions. Nazlee Mansur has published a research paper entitled ‘The Art of Glazed Tile Decoration in Medieval Bengal’ in the journal of the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in 1978. She has been teaching art since 1976.

Kala Kendra, an art space run by artists, presents artist Nazlee Laila Mansur’s solo art exhibition titled, ‘Purba Bhabna/ পূর্ব ভাবনা’. This is the sixth edition of Kala Kendra’s exhibition series, ‘Drawing and Thinking, Thinking and Drawing’. The exhibition is curated by artist Wakilur Rahman and Shrabonti Suchandrima.

‘Purba Bhabna/ পূর্ব ভাবনা’ is hosted online @Artitude –

Eminent artist Professor Rafiqun Nabi and director general of Bengal Foundation Luva Nahid Choudhury were be present at the inaugural ceremony as special guests. The exhibition is curated by artist Wakilur Rahman and Shrabonti Suchandrima.