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Linear Text Of A Delirious Time


Nisar Hossain

Nisar Hossain is a professor of Drawing and Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka. Besides, presenting solo exhibitions, Professor Hossain has taken part in numerous group shows at home and abroad.

Kala Kendra presents Nisar Hossain’s drawing exhibition titled, ‘বিকারগ্রস্ত সময়ের রৈখিক বয়ান/ Linear Text Of A Delirious Time’, opening at 6:30pm on Saturday, 30 June 2018…

Posted by Kala Kendra on Friday, 29 June 2018

Kala Kendra, an art gallery run by artists, presents Nisar Hossain’ssolo art exhibition titled,‘Linear Text Of A Delirious Time’, opening at 6:30pm on Saturday, 30 June 2018. This is the third edition of Kala Kendra’s art exhibition series, ‘Drawing and Thinking, Thinking and Drawing – 3’. The exhibition is hosted online @Artitude.

Professor Rafiqun Nabi inaugurated the exhibition. Kala Kendra curated by Wakilur Rahman.

The exhibition is open from30 June to 25th July 2018, every day from 5-8 pm at the gallery at 1/11, Iqbal Road (3rd Floor), Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.


Exhibition Catalogue


Nisar draws danger of delirious time

After 17 years, socially conscious artist Nisar Hossain is holding a solo show at Kalakendra on Iqbal Road, which displays some delicate drawings addressing the horrors and pains of the delirious time that the country is going through.

The show titled ‘Linear Text of a Delirious Time’ displays 79 selected drawings Nisar made on different mediums in the past one decade to depict his realisations and reactions to different issues such as horrors created through Rapid Action Battalion’s actions and militant attacks as well as deforestations and others issues.

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সময়ের রৈখিক বিস্তার

মনের গভীর মন্থনে উঠে আসা শিল্পকর্মে শিল্পের নিজস্ব বৈশিষ্ট্যের কারণেই বিবৃত হয় মানুষের ইতিহাস, বর্তমান ও ভবিষ্যৎ। আর শিল্পী যদি হন স্থানিক সংস্কৃতির অধ্যবসায়ী সাধক, তাহলে তাঁর রচিত শিল্পকর্মে সৃষ্ট হয় অনন্য পাঠ। নিসার হোসেনের সাম্প্রতিক কালের চিত্রকলায় আমরা পাই আমাদের বর্তমানের মুখচ্ছবি এবং ভবিষ্যতের পথরেখা।

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যে কারণে ১৬ বছর পর নিসার হোসেনের প্রদর্শনী

শিল্পী অধ্যাপক নিসার হোসেন ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের চারুকলা অনুষদের ডিন। রাজধানীর কলাকেন্দ্রে চলছে তাঁর একক প্রদর্শনী ‘বিকারগ্রস্ত সময়ের রৈখিক বয়ান’। চলবে ২০ জুলাই পর্যন্ত। এর আগে তাঁর ছবি নিয়ে শেষ প্রদর্শনী হয়েছিল ২০০১ সালে। এই দীর্ঘ বিরতির পর প্রদর্শনী নিয়ে ৩০ জুন প্রথম আলোর সঙ্গে তিনি কথা বললেন।

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Carnival of grotesque

Nisar Hossain’s solo exhibition manifests chaos through relief printing

Sarah Nafisa Shahid

The walls of artist-run space, Kalakendra, host artist Nisar Hossain’s drawings and prints this month. Part of the third instalment of the gallery’s “Drawing and Thinking” series, Bikargrostho Shomoyer Roikhik Boyan (Linear Text of a Delirious Time), curated by Wakilur Rahman, opened on June 30, 2018 in the presence of special guest, artist Rafikun Nabi. Notable artists such as Sheikh Afzal, Abul Barq Alvi, Shishir Bhattacharjee, and Rashid Amin were also present at the event.

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Standing the test of time

Nisar Hossain’s exhibit at Kalakendra

Zahangir Alom

Professor Nisar Hossain is a renowned artist, critic, connoisseur, activist, organiser and the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. As a socially conscious and responsible artist, he always tries to grasp the time and its spirit in his pursuit of art. He is thought to be one of the best art organisers after Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin.

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Do Fine Feathers Make Fine Art?
Fayza Haq

Nisar Hossain, a much admired, outspoken professor of the Fine Arts Department at Dhaka University, is never at a loss for words, and speaks with remarkable enthusiasm about the future of artists in Bangladesh. If the art market was the all and end all would Van Gogh have come into existence and the rest of the artists of renown of Russia and Italy who ended in suicide have come into existence?

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