Rifat Ara Mim

“My paintings describe actions and emotion that come just before catastrophe. I am looking for the boundary where safety and fear lies.

I paint emotions like Vincent Van Gogh and screaming motion like Francis Bacon. Their bold strokes and colors inspires me.

I love the blending, filmlike quality of watercolor, experiments, and thick textures of acrylic and the buildup of transparency that oil can achieve. These materials contribute their history to the timeless emotion I am looking for.

Inner feels and contemporary issues are my subjects. Sometimes, my subject isn’t in the painting. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s you, the viewer.”

Rifat Ara Mim

Rifat Ara Mim was born in 1995 and was brought up in Bogura. She is currently based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She travels extensively to get inspiration for her artistic journey.

Rifat studied Pre-degree in BFA from Bogura Art College. After completing her courses, she decided to leave her academic journey for more freedom to think and not get guided by any dogma.

Her paintings have been featured in:

7th Kahal Art Fair (2015)

9th Kahal Art Fair (2017) 

21st Young Artist’s Art Exhibition (2018)