Rudropolli – A Pottery Village

Rudropolli is a culturally vibrant village of about 1000 people, located at Fatayabad, Chattogram, Bangladesh.

Rudropolli was once a village where hand crafted pottery making was prevalent in every household and it used to be their only source of income.

After the introduction of plastic containers, the need for clay containers has alarmingly decreased. As a result, the newer generations at the village became reluctant to continue this beautiful craft, leaving the future of hand-made art of pottery in jeopardy. Now only about 5 to 6 families are engaged in the art of making pottery by hand.

However, Mrinmoy Art Gallery has taken the initiative to help the women of Rudropolli to continue their craftsmanship and take their passion and living to a higher level.

In a bid to revive the art, Mrinmoy will be providing the potters with all relevant equipment including wheels, kilns, racks, dryers and gas burners, among others.

Additionally, Mrinmoy has also started to support the young children of Rudropolly with free art classes to keep their hope alive.

Mrinmoy now needs a place in Rudropolli to establish a creative school for these children – a place to foster their creativity, passion, and happiness and sustain this beautiful work of art.