Syed Nazmus Sakib


A young and talented graphic designer from Jessore, Syed Nazmus Sakib’s early passion for drawing and etching eventually drew him towards a formal pursuit of this form. With an amazing grasp on realism portrayed via pen and ink, his works symbolize artistic realism.

Sakib’s realistic portraits of people, of facades that reflect our heritage, the spread of nature, recorded meticulously via his medium, not only record the faces of humanity, but also the struggles, the injustices, the constant quest for betterment.

– M. K. Aaref, Former Director, EMK Center

Artist’s Statement

Creativity, ingenuity and flair are the real talents of an artist. In my work, I try mostly to employ those innate qualities of mine to make my artwork more attractive, more meaningful and more appealing.


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                                       Exhibition Catalogue


2010 : 18th Young Art Exhibition 2012, in National Art Gallery Dhaka.

2011 : 1st group Art Exhibition Cognition Dhaka Charukola.

2010 : Participated in artist Samsullhuda painting Exhibition 2012, in gulshan club Dhaka.

2014 : 19th young Artist Exhibition SHILPOKOLA ACADEMY DHAKA.

2014 : 21st National Art Exhibition SHILPOKOLA ACADEMY DHAKA.

2015 : International Arts Education Conference 2015″ Tokyo University of the Arts.

2015 : Asian Art Biennale SHILPOKOLA ACADEMY DHAKA.

2016 : 20th young Artist Exhibition SHILPOKOLA ACADEMY DHAKA.

2017 : 1st solo Art Exhibition EMK Center Dhaka.