Artitude Team

Reza Amin

Reza is passionate about art, photography and music. By profession, he is a security services expert and has headed a number of multinational security companies. His collection of artworks encompasses fine arts from eminent artists athome and aboard. As the originator of Artitude, Reza’s patronization enriches its collection in all the ways.


 Rumman Uddin Ahamed

A brand strategist by profession, Rumman is a lover of art and literature. As an art enthusiast himself, Rumman coordinates the work and people associated with Artitude in promotion of art.


Mahamudur Rahman Chowdhury

Mahamud is an IT expert. Former system admin of an international news agency and now a consultant, Mahamud’s expertise builds strong the digital base of Artitude.


Tejosh Halder Josh

Josh believes that an artist can realize the mystery of creation.As a sculptor, Josh has been creating art worksfor many yearswith utter aesthetic excellence and hasreceived various awards at home and aboard.  Josh is the curator of Artitude.


Fahmida Haque

  Fahmida is an architect by profession. An artist as well by herself, Fahmida has a great passion for fine arts and crafts. She is primarily responsible for providing conceptual inputs and networking for Artitude.


Shamim Ahmed

Trained as an architect, Shamim is also a passionate illustrator and graphics designer. Having a good grasp on global art scene, Shamim puts his meticulous efforts in online curating and content development for Artitude.